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Fox Accounting Software


Fox Accounting Software


Main Modules for Fox Accounting System

1. Budgeting Module
Budgeting by customer, vendor, purchase, sales, division, account numbers, etc

2. Purchase Module
Vendors' Quotation, Purchase Order, Goods Receipt, Purchase Invoice, Multiple-Orders Purchase Invoice,Goods Returned, Purchase Price Reduced, Purchase Price Increased, VAT, Witholding Tax

3. Sales Module
Quotation to Customers, Sales Order, Delivery, Sales Invoice, Multiple-Orders Sales Invoice, Goods Returned,Sales Price Reduced, Sales Price Increased, VAT, Witholding Tax

4. Stock Module
Stock Balance Adjusting, Goods Transfer among Warehouse, Goods Increase, Goods Decrease, BOM(Bill of Material)

5. Receipt Module
Billing, Receipt, Other AR, Other Income

6. Payment Module
Billing Recognition, Payment,Other AP, Other Expense

7. AR Check Module
Pay In, Check Pass/Bounce, Check Change

8. AP Check Module
Check printing, Check Pass/Bounce, Check Change

9. Banking Module
Cash Deposit, Cash Withdraw, Withdraw by Check, Transfer among Bank Accounts

10. Fixed Assets Module
Depreciation schedules

11. Accounting Module
Daily Accounting Entry, Trial Balance, Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Production Cost Statement

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