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MOTP (Mobile One Time Password) System


MOTP (Mobile One Time Password) System


MOTP Mobile One Time Password

An OTP ensures account access safety and protection against important data theft by hackers or others, rapidly enhances the application system safety. The MOTP dual factors user verification solution contains: OTP Token, Agent and Server, and provides the most complete planning for any company.

The OTP, also known as the "one-time password" or "dynamic password", features a robust protection lock with its non-predictable, non-repetitive,and drop-after-use password.

When you log into Windows, you normally provide a pair of account name and password. But if the account name and password get stolen, others could use them to log into your computer and gain access to all your sensitive data.

With MOTP solution, a second layer of security gets provided to guard against this case of stolen password. The system will send you a one-time password into your mobile phone, and you just type that password together with your ordinary password into the login window, and you get logged into your Windows computer.

The application of this one-time password could provide a higher-level security for your Windows computer and ensures your data is in safety.

MOTP system structure


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