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Fox Logistics Management Software


Fox Logistics Management Software


Fox Logistics Management Software effectively integrates logistics business routine together with accounting functions into one system.

Upon receiving products from a customer, the system could generate parcel running numbers and print out barcode labels. The system automatically inserts the newly-generated parcel numbers into online database hosted on the user's company website. The customer could then query with the parcel numbers from the website to check for the current location of his/her parcels at any given time. The system could record the product details in each parcel.

At any port of entry or exit, users just scan the barcode label on a parcel, and the system will update the current location for the scanned parcel to the website, so customers could trace their parcels all the way around, including country and port names.

Upon parcel arrival, the system could send notification emails to the customer. The system could print delivery slips and shipping fee invoices, and generate accounting vouchers, and generate entries for account receivables. Upon receiving payment from customers, the system could print tax invoice.

Reports could display parcels in each port of entry or exit, making the work simple and easy.

The flow chart for Fox Logistics Management Software comes as follows.

Production Flow Chart


The system could use handheld barcode scanners to scan parcel barcodes upon releasing and receiving parcels, to avoid delivery of wrong parcels to customers.

handheld barcode scanner


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