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Fox Production Management Software


Fox Production Management Software


Fox Production Management Software supports multiple-leveled bill of materials(BOM).

Standard resource requirements including materials, labor and machinery could be defined for each production operation in terms of quantity.

After receiving purchase orders from customers, users could make production plan from BOM. The production plan defines the whole circle of production on a step-by-step basis. Users just follow each step until the final finished goods get produced.

For each production step(operation), users could record the actual consumed direct material, the actual direct labor hours and the actual machine work hours. Based on these actual data, the system could calculate production cost for each work in process(WIP) and the final finished goods(FG). The calculated production cost consists of costs for direct material, direct labor and overhead. The system also generates corresponding accounting vouchers and post them to the general ledgers. So users could always have access to the up-to-date financial reports.

The flow chart for Fox Production Management Software comes as follows.

Production Flow Chart


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